Organizational Development

Creating Pillars of Recovery Supports through Organization Development

“Pillars of recovery supports are formal and informal organizations and groups within communities that provide services designed to develop, promote and support recovery for all.”

Peer Support Coalition of Florida (PSCFL) is committed to increasing the recovery capital of communities. We are committed to increasing the quantity, quality, and variety of community pillars of recovery support. Our work providing technical assistance to organizations include:

Peer Networks

Building Bridges and Connecting Communities: Peer Leadership Development through Statewide Networks a SAMHSA funded project, supports creation of regional and local peer networks across the state of Florida. Peer Networks are formal or informal groups comprised of individuals with lived experience of mental health and/or substance use challenges, who organize to support one another and provide resources to help others on their paths to recovery. Visit our Peer Networks page to get more information on how to connect with and support your community’s pillars of support.

Recovery Community Organizations (RCO)

A recovery community organization (RCO) is an independent, non-profit organization led and governed by representatives of local communities of recovery. These organizations organize recovery-focused policy advocacy activities, carry out recovery-focused community education and outreach programs, and/or provide peer-based recovery support services (Valentine, White, Taylor 2007).

PSCFL, funded by DCF’s Statewide Opioid Response grant, has provided technical assistance to 4 RCO organizations that are positioned to add to their community’s recovery capital for individuals seeking recovery from substance use disorders.

We are so proud of these great organizations and the impact they poised to have as pillars of recovery supports:

National Consumer and Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Center

Peer Experience National Technical Assistance Center (PENTAC) is one of the 5 National Consumer and Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Centers funded by SAMHSA. Some of the organizational development components of the project include:

Developing and implementing technical assistance and training on the integration of peers in multiple treatment delivery settings such as crisis intervention services, certified community behavioral health clinics, hospital emergency departments and integrated care settings.

Developing materials and other training approaches to assist employers in hiring and retaining individuals with lived experience. Employers include State and local organizations. Providing technical assistance to employees on skill development within the occupational and financial dimensions of wellness along with exploration of entrepreneurship options.

Visit our PENTAC page to get more information on the technical assistance provided to develop community pillars of support.

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