We support the 8 Dimension of Wellness

We believe recovery happens within communities. To support recovery for all PSCFL expands focus to all 8 dimensions of wellness.

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Spiritual Wellness


Social Wellness


Emotional Wellness


Environmental Wellness


Intellectual Wellness


Occupational Wellness


Physical Wellness


Financial Wellness


Our Focus Areas

Peer Experience National Technical Assistance Center (PENTAC) is a program of the Peer Support Coalition of Florida, Inc. (PSCFL). PENTAC is one of the 5 National Consumer and Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Centers funded by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). We provide technical assistance nationally.

PENTAC works with the other TA Centers to promote evidence-based care for adults with serious mental illnesses. We recognize the value of those with lived experience as an integral component of the treatment system. Our work is infused with peer values and supported by consultants who are subject matter experts. We translate our dedication to developing peers and increasing leadership capacity within the peer workforce through the implementation of projects within the focus areas highlighted below.

Education Prograns

Supported Education Programs and Employment

Peer Integration

Integration of Peers in Diverse Settings

Youth Leadership Skills

Youth Leadership Skills

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Peer Experience National Technical Assistance Center (PENTAC) is one of the 5 federally funded Consumer and Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Centers. We respond to requests for technical assistance nationally.

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