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The Peer Experience Line (888-635-1828)

What is the Peer Experience Line? 

The Peer Experience Line is a virtual listening forum designed to collect the peer community’s opinions about various topics. The Peer Experience Line will allow PSCFL to gain an understanding of the collective experience of peers across the state of Florida. When you call the Peer Experience Line you will hear the current topic. You may respond to that topic or give us information on another subject that reflects the experience you want to share. For example, the question may be “what resources are most needed in your county?”

All responses are confidential, even if you leave contact information. Leaving a message on the Peer Experience Line is your permission for us to use your comments. We will never use your name without written permission.

What the Peer Experience Line is not?

  • It is not a live, monitored phone line; you may leave a voicemail only.
  • It is not a crisis line or a warm line.
  • Please do not leave a request for a response. Continue to direct all questions for PSCFL to

What is the goal of the Peer Experience Line?

  • Open lines of communication with peers, family and friends of peers and peer advocates across the state.
  • Allow peers to have a voice in identifying and solving problems.
  • Gain culturally diverse perspectives.
  • Get valuable insight of community needs and resources.
  • Allow PSCFL to provide feedback on data captured.

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