Youth Resiliency Programs

We are aware of the worsening mental health of our youth during our increasing rounds of trauma-inducing natural disasters, pandemics, and gun violence. PSCFL is invested in the future of the mental health movement and the promotion of recovery for future generations. Our youth programs are designed to promote and maintain well-being, resilience, and recovery in youth using developmentally appropriate training and interventions. The Youth Resiliency Program promotes resiliency, self-determination and inclusion practices in future generations and supports youth to develop positive leadership skills.

We offer programs to build youth resiliency skills, including Youth Advocacy and Mentoring 101, Youth Emotional CPR (eCPR) and Recovery Planning using the Youth Recovery Capital Scale. We also offer programs to engage families in treatment systems.

To see our upcoming youth programs and register, see the Training and Events Calendar or contact us for more information.