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Peer Networks In Florida

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Below you will find a list of Regional and Local Peer Networks that are currently being developed through our SAMHSA grant project, Building Bridges and Connecting Communities: Peer Leadership Development through Statewide Networks. Connect with a Regional and/or Local Peer Network today by clicking one of the buttons under the Network’s name. Please note that not all Peer Networks listed below have their own social media pages, websites, etc., so some buttons may not be working at this time. Be sure to check back here for updates as the Regional and Local Peer Networks continue to develop. 

Download our SAMHSA Grant Project Summary Packet below to learn more about the project and Peer Network development in Florida. 

SAMHSA Grant Project Summary Packet

Northwest Region

HOPE Advocates (Helping Our Peers Excel)


Ft. Walton Beach Peer Network  


Pensacola Peer Network 


Northeast Region

Association of Peer Professionals  


Peer Beyond Alliance 


Daytona Beach Peer Network 


Central Region

Peer Network of Central Florida (Peer Support Space) 


Brevard Peer Network 

Hernando Regional Peer Network 

Suncoast Region


Southeast Region



Southern Region

Peers in Action 


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