National Research on the Supervision of Peer Support Workers


Researchers in the University of South Florida’s Department of Psychiatry and at Magellan Health are conducting a survey that aims to investigate the backgrounds, training and experiences of individuals who currently supervise at least one peer support worker in a behavioral health setting or agency.  To the best of our knowledge, this will be the first comprehensive research study of the landscape of peer support supervision practices in the United States.

WHO:We are seeking participants at least 18 years or older, work in the United States or US territories, and currently supervise at least one peer support worker.
WHY:To better understand the landscape of peer support worker supervision in the United States, including supervisors’ backgrounds, training and preparation for supervision, perspectives and practices, and views on barriers and facilitators to high quality supervision. Existing research on this important topic is scarce.
WHAT:An online survey lasting approximately 10 minutes. Participants will be asked open and close ended questions about their training, supervision experiences and practices, and related views.
COMPENSATION:There is no compensation for participation in the survey.
PROTOCOL NUMBER:For reference, the study protocol number is # 00040223
HOW:Contact the study’s primary investigator, Nev Jones, at, the co-primary investigator, Dana Foglesong at, or access the survey at the direct link below.

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