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Join Us This September in Chipley for a 2-day Introduction to WRAP Workshop!

The Department of Children & Families (DCF) Substance Abuse & Mental Health NW Region Office and Peer Support Coalition of Florida, Inc. present to you…

Seminar I:
Introduction to Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) Workshop

September 11th & 12th, 2017  8:30am-4:30pm

Panhandle Area Education Consortium (PAEC)

753 West Blvd

Chipley, FL 32429

To apply visit:

Download Flyer Here: Seminar I WRAP Flyer (Chipley)


Join experienced recovery educators for learning about WRAP, a simple self-help system which helps you order your life to improve your wellness and meet your own goals. Before working with someone else to develop his or her WRAP, it is highly recommended that you create your own, learn the process, and the life changing nature of the ethics and values put forth in this workshop.


Course Description: WRAP Seminar I is for anyone who wants to learn about and increase personal wellness and achieve an improved quality of life. This workshop is designed to be highly interactive and encourage participation and sharing from all present. This workshop also lays a broad foundation for building a peer workforce.

This class fulfills the prerequisite for being trained as a WRAP Facilitator (Seminar II)


Through Participation in these workshops people will be able to:

  • Apply Key Concepts of Recovery into their everyday life to improve their quality of life.
  • Identify tools and action plans to counter the negative effects of life challenges and improve responses to disturbing thoughts and feelings to achieve improved states of wellness.
  • Describe the history, foundations & structure of WRAP.

What participants are saying about Seminar I: Introduction to WRAP…

  • “This was the most informative training I’ve had in a while and most relevant.”
  • “My needs were met during the Introduction to WRAP. I was able to learn and understand what WRAP is.”
  • “An excellent job with motivating and making us feel safe and understood.”
  • “I loved day 1 when we discussed ‘creating a safe learning environment’ that covered everyone’s comfort level/worries/fear about self-disclosure/confidentiality/judgment/etc.”
  • “I will use this material both professionally as well as personally. It seems to be life changing.”
  • “Honestly, this is the most useful information I have received in almost 12 years in mental health. Very practical and I be able to actually apply what I have learned after I leave today.”

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