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Did You Know There Have Been Changes Made to the CRPS Credential?! Find Out More Here!

Hello, PSCFL Members!

Happy Friday! I hope this announcement finds you all well. Did you know that the Florida Certification Board recently made some changes and additions to the current application process for the Certified Recovery Peer Specialist (CRPS) credential? Below is a summary of the changes and additions made as of November 1, 2017:

Content Specific Training
  • Whole Health has been added to the content area with 8-16 hours of required training
  • Electives now only require 0-4 hours of training, down from the original 20 hours minimum required
  • Mentoring now requires 10 hours of training, increased from the original 6 hours minimum required
  • Professional Responsibility now requires 8 hours of training, increased from the original 4 hours minimum required 
  • No changes were made to Advocacy or Recovery Support
Related Work Experience
  • 500 experience hours are still required BUT the FCB now specifies that AT LEAST 250 hours of experience MUST be specific to providing peer support to others with similar lived experience.  
Lived Experience
  • A Youth credential has been added! The CRPS-Y is for an individual currently between the ages of 18 and 29 who experienced a significant life challenge(s) during the ages of 14-25 and is living a wellness and/or recovery-oriented lifestyle for at least 2 years. 
  • Three (3) Letters of Recommendations are now required. One (1) Professional Letter of Recommendation for certification has been added to the two (2) previous types of required recommendations (Supervisory and Character/Personal). 

Learn more about the changes made to the CRPS application process by downloading the newly published Certification Guidelines: Credential Standards and Requirements Table (CRPS) today!


The Florida Certification Board (FCB) has officially announced the provisional certification for the Certified Recovery Peer Specialist credential! The Certified Recovery Peer Specialist – Provisional Status (CRPS-P) program is specifically designed for trained and tested peers who do not have 500 hours of experience at the time of CRPS application. The provisional certification process allows people to gain work or volunteer experience during the provisional period. The program has two steps:

  1. Provisional Certification. Applicants must meet FCB policy requirements and CRPS formal education, training, recommendation, and testing requirements. Upon passing the CRPS exam, the CRPS-P credential is issued for a 12-month period. A total of 500 hours of work or volunteer experience must be documented and the UPGRADE must be applied BEFORE the provisional credential expires. An expired CRPS-P credential cannont be reinstated. 
  2. CRPS-P UPGRADE. People holding the CRPS-P credential must apply for an upgrade to the CRPS credential no less than 30-days before the CRPS-P expiration date. A CRPS-P UPGRADE application will have to be completed and submitted with a $50 application fee not covered by the scholarship. Employers must be provided the CRPS Work or Volunteer Experience Verification Form and a due date to submit to the FCB on your behalf. 
Note: lived experience (A, F, V, or Y) is not indicated when the provisional credential is issued. Lived experience is indicated when the CRPS-P UPGRADE process is complete. 

Learn more about the CRPS-P and CRPS-P UPGRADE credential by downloading the newly published Certification Guidelines: Credential Standards and Requirements Table (CRPS-P & UPGRADE Program) today!

Also, please make sure to visit our Peer Specialist Certification page on our website for answers to the most frequently asked questions about the certification process and easy access to all the required documents/forms! 

From all of us at PSCFL, we appreciate your continued support and hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!

-Cameron Wood

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